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USW Support Staff Conference 2016

Ben Calvert’s talk on Student Experience

Sketchnotes of Ben Calvert talk at Conference

I recently attended the support staff conference here at USW as I was asked if I’d like to run a small session on sketchnoting, and thought it’d be rude not to go along to the rest of the event.

I was glad I did. The first session was Ben Calvert’s on the Student Experience Plan and the key points to actually make it meaningful, useful and a reality. As someone who doesn’t deal directly with students, but instead contributes to the products they use it’s good to see how what we do fits with a wider ideal.

Helen Walbey’s talk on drive, motivation and attitude

Helen Walbey
Sketchnotes of Helen Walbey’s talk

Helen Walbey was a guest speaker that delivered an inspiring talk about the transformative power of education alongside a call for a positive approach to change and adversity. In the context of a support staff conference it was a call to think again about the work that we do and how it helps people. It did put me in mind of the book I read a while back – Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H Pink.  He concludes that one of the 3 things that motivates is a sense of Purpose, which exists in abundance working in an Educational context, but maybe easy to lose site of in day to day activity.