Monthly Archives: June 2012

VMware Fusion ( CONFusion ) 4 Port Forwarding on a MAC

With the latest update to VMware Fusion comes some changes to the location of the nat.conf file and how you restart the network stack.

  1. Open up a Terminal Window
  2. cd /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/vmnet8/
  3. sudo vi nat.conf
  4. Edit File Under [incomingtcp] add in – 3389 = (Your VM IP!)
  5. Save File
  6. sudo /Applications/VMware\ –stop
  7. sudo /Applications/VMware\ –start

So this adds in the line “3389 =″ to nat.conf which tells VMware to forward the Remote Desktop port to your virtual PC, it then stops and starts the appropriate services.

And your good to go.