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Rails 3 Beta and RVM

Rails Version Management (RVM) and Ruby 1.9.1

Run this in terminal:

mkdir -p ~/.rvm/src/ && cd ~/.rvm/src && rm -rf ./rvm/ && git clone git:// && cd rvm && ./install

Read the output, it will tell you to add a line of code to your bash_profile.

Then run:

rvm install 1.9.1

this will install ruby 1.9.1, may take some time.

As long as this is successful then run:

rvm 1.9.1 --default

This will set ruby version to 1.9.1 and make it the default for new terminal screens.

To Change version type:

rvm system

To view all versions type:

rvm list

Installing Rails 3 beta

To install Rails 3 Beta run these two lines of code:

gem install tzinfo builder memcache-client rack rack-test rack-mount erubis mail text-format thor bundler i18n
gem install rails --pre

If you want to use SQL Lite for your app:

gem install sqlite3-ruby

MAKE SURE not to use “SUDO”, this is no longer required when installing gem!

Create a new Rails application:

rails beta
cd beta

To run the server you will need to type:

rails server

No more script/server!