Monthly Archives: March 2007

Click where?

When placing hyperlinks on a site, there can be a temptation to use ‘click here’ as the link text, assuming that the context of a link is immediately apparent.

The rest of this article contains some help and advice on this issue.

One of the issues that we face as developers of various CMS is what to do when the people writing the content write in a way that is contrary to the WCAG. Point 6.1 of the guidelines explains, in a rather technical way, the problem. For a more informal discussion and some real world examples I’ve linked to the article why ‘click here’ is bad practice.

I’ve selected a few highlights from the page –

“Click here” is device-dependent. There are several ways to follow a link, with or without a mouse. Users probably recognize what you mean, but you are still conveying the message that you think in a device-dependent way.

There’s usually a fairly simple way to do things better. Instead of the text “For information on pneumonia, click here”, you could simply write “pneumonia information”.

Accessibility isn’t something that can be left to developers to worry about.